“You’ll be surprised how      hard Nancy works for you.       

 She delivered more than I ever expected.” 

                        - Charles N. 

 “After meeting and working with Nancy, our son became motivated and recharged with his job search.  He worked with Nancy during the height of the recession, and she helped him land an excellent position.  

It was wonderful to see him return to his old self, happy and confident about his talents.  After paying 7 years of  college and law  school tuition, paying Nancy's negligible fee was  a no-brainer.”                                                                                                                    -   Edward B.

"Helping law students, 
recent grads and attorneys 
land desirable jobs is Nancy's
passion.  Working with Nancy,
you can't help but feel re-
energized by her creative  
and novel ideas.  

Hang onto your hat; the 
non-stop possibilities will 
just keep coming!"

      -  Dana M.,
       2010 Law School  Graduate

"I have known Nancy for almost 20 years 
as a fellow Special Kds Foundation board member.  She began helping my daughter, 
a 2010 law school graduate, with her job 
search in Chicago.
Nancy's advice and guidance have saved 
my daughter countless hours. Nancy is constantly streamlining her efforts in a 
way that willl  prove to be more productive.
Most important, Nancy has re-charged 
my daughter's spirit during this difficult economic time.  Her services are 
definitely a bargain; you get way more 
than what you pay for with Nancy." 
                                                       - Diane M.

"Last year, Nancy helped me prepare for a job interview for a legal position in Chicago.   Nancy's knowledge about the firm helped me better prepare for the interview. Her connections with lawyers practicing at the firm didn't hurt either ... 

Nancy also has her pulse on the legal and business communities locally and nationally; she just sent me a news story about my New York summer employer. 

Her advice to me was to forward the story to my supervisor, reminding her that I still exist. This way, she knows that I am following the company's important news from a distance." 

                             - Sarah R.
                              2011 Law School Graduate

            "Nancy was instrumental in  
             helping my daughter create
             a cutting-edge resume.

             Her suggestions made a lot of 
             sense, drawing out her specific
             job skills to showcase her talent."                                       
                                         -  Enid G.
"I worked with Nancy as a 3L.  With her guidance and support, I was able to make crucial professional connections, which resulted in my applying to attorney positions and securing interviews. 

Nancy’s effectiveness as a career counselor stems from her ability to always remain encouraging while offering constructive, tangible advice. Most remarkably, Nancy was able to incorporate my experience, skill set and areas of interest into my job search.  As a result, I was excited to pursue real, available positions that were suited for someone with my level of experience.  

Nancy is ready and willing to provide a much needed service for 3Ls and recent law school graduates in this economy. There is no doubt in my mind that she truly will make a big difference for so many people!”

                                                - Liz W.,
                                                2010 Law School Graduate

"Nancy Glazer is my oasis in the desert.  

In 2008, after practicing law with a great reputation for 20 years, I found myself suddenly jobless.  I was married, had 2 kids and a mortgage to pay.  I was always great at networking, and I thought I’d be back on my feet in no time.

After 2 years of sending out my resume for every available position, I was stunned that I received no responses whatsoever.  To my surprise, I was soon spiraling into debt and into depression.

Months ago, I met Nancy Glazer as a fellow arbitrator.  She was impressed with my legal skills, and she started to assist me with my job search.  In a most sincere way, she helped me rebuild my lost self-confidence.  She gave my resume a cutting-edge face-lift.  She sent me many job postings and legitimate leads regularly.  With Nancy’s networking guidance, I started receiving responses from prospective employers.   I started feeling like my old self again.

Nancy constantly brainstormed with me.  She recommended and practiced new ways of networking.  While my sole efforts for 2 years resulted in absolutely nothing, Nancy’s coaching soon resulted in two interviews. 

She guided me through a challenging mock interview, and her insights were “spot on.”  As a result, I walked into both interviews feeling self-assured.

I am thrilled to report that I started my new in-house counsel position on January 4, 2011. It is truly a great new year for me and my family. What Nancy Glazer did for me is nothing short of amazing.  Her positive attitude and nonstop ideas changed my life.  I am forever grateful to Nancy, my oasis in the desert.”     

                                                                                 -   Michael B.

     "Talking with Nancy,  I  found her ideas 
      to be extremely motivating and energizing."

                       - Daniel N.            

Contact Nancy:
Main: (847) 650-1535
Email: Nancy@LegalLaunch.net
Web: www.LegalLaunch.net

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NTScroll down for more comments    
       from some of Nancy's clients ...
"Nancy Glazer has developed deep roots in the legal community and built a reputation for connecting the right candidates with the right positions.  She is both intuitive and analytical.  

Her placements with my firm have been superb." 

                                                          -  Maribeth Vander Weele,
                                                             President, Vander Weele Group LLC

"Nancy's knowledge of the legal market in Chicago is astounding.  I've seen her go the extra mile to find the perfect fit for her firm clients as well as job seekers.

With Nancy's help, I interviewed and received a coveted litigation position in my chosen field.  After 16 months employed, I'm now in-house counsel for a large government organization. 

Nancy's hard work, skill and incomparable professional guidance helped me land my dream job -- right out of law school!  I am forever grateful to Nancy."

                                                         -  Clay R.
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“I wasn't from Chicago, and I found Legal Launch online.   I felt like I didn’t have anyone who was a mentor.  That's what Nancy was to me.  Nancy helped me tighten up my resume, she told me of openings she knew of, and she kept my spirits up.”

         - A.P.H., a graduate from Boston  College Law School who moved to Chicago and passed the Illinois bar, but had no meaningful professional connections.

"I just received your kind letter and Chicago Daily Law Bulletin clipping announcing my new position. Thank you so much for sharing and for everything else you have done to help me along the way.  

You helped so much more than you realize!"

                      - A.P.H., from above, who  was recently hired at a prominent education law firm in Chicago and is now thriving.

"Thanks for your continued support, Nancy. 

You have such a nice style -- hard-nosed (in the good sense of being practical, shrewd and savvy) yet still compassionate, supportive and attentive. Not to mention thoughtful and creative ... 

It's really an unique and distinctive constellation of qualities, and one that sets you miles apart from the many others in the field."

  -- L.M., Recruiting Candidate, 2013