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A note from Nancy: Welcoming Richard L. Hermann and his  
Legal Launch Career Opportunity Reports  

Professor Richard Hermann and Legal Launch are now collaborating! 

Prof. Hermann brings over 30 years of legal job market experience and analysis directly to Legal Launch. Author of nine books about the practice of law and legal careers, his pragmatic and thorough research about the national legal job market is beyond compare. He regularly focuses on emerging practice areas and those in high demand.  

Landing your next position, you need to go beyond the conventional and make yourself memorable, imprinting yourself on the employer to stand out from the competition. Prof. Hermann helps you do that here, in his Legal Launch Career Opportunity Reports. They are Prof. Hermann’s “how to’s”
now available to download here.  

Legal Launch Career Opportunity Reports provide practical, relevant information for you to get up to speed with a legal employer’s point of view. Learn who’s hiring legal talent, how they think, and what they need.  

Currently, four timely Legal Launch Career Opportunity Reports are available to help you effectively market your education and experience. Current Reports are described below with ordering information.


Cybersecurity Practice: The Hottest Arena for Lawyers 
$19.95 (22 pages)

Target, Home Depot, Sony, the CIA, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. All have recently
been victimized by hackers who have stolen more than 100 million personnel records. And 
these are just the latest, known, massive data breaches. Law firms have been identified by the FBI as one of the most lax employment sectors when it comes to cybersecurity. Corporations say their greatest legal need is for counsel in cybersecurity matters. This Legal Launch Career Opportunity Report focuses on this dynamic practice area, pinpoints the issues, predicts the future of the practice, and identifies who’s hiring.

Mining the “Law-Technology Gap” for Legal Job Opportunities
$39.95 (52 pages)

Every time technology moves ahead of the law’s ability to keep pace, an opportunity opens up for lawyers. Identifying these law-technology gaps is a great way to look for dynamic, new and growing legal job and career options created by them. This Legal Launch Career Opportunity Report focuses on 12 of the hottest “gap” opportunities and how to position yourself to take advantage of them.

What Legal Employers Want in a Candidate
$29.95 (28 pages)

This Legal Launch Career Opportunity Report is informed by both surveys and extensive conversations and feedback from every conceivable type of legal employer across virtually every legal employment sector and industry. It includes: How to Think Like an Employer; the Six Most Important Candidate Traits Employers Seek; How to Develop and Demonstrate Them; and the Rest of the “Hierarchy of Legal Employer Needs.”

Boosting Your Legal Credentials
$39.95 (50 pages) 

The easiest and least expensive way to distinguish yourself from your competitors is to add a credential to your JD degree and legal experience. It does not need to be an expensive and time-consuming LLM program. This Legal Launch Career Opportunity Report includes more than 800 legal and law-related certificate and comparable programs offered by more than 400 law schools, universities, and other organizations in 98 legal and law-related practice areas. It also tells you how to perform the due diligence required to determine if a program is worth your while.


Professor Hermann developed and has been teaching the nation’s only law school classes focusing on Legal Career Management and The Future of Law Practice. His most recent book, Manufacturing Business and the Law, was published by the American Bar Association in May 2015. His ABA-published, Managing Your Legal Career, was runner-up for the Best Career Book of 2010. Prof. Hermann founded and served as CEO and General Counsel of the nation’s leading legal outplacement consulting firm, which he later sold to Thomson Reuters,. Prof. Hermann graduated from Yale University and Cornell Law School. 

“There is no legal analyst who knows the US legal job market like Richard Hermann. If you’re in the market for a new job or you simply want to retool and grow your practice, Richard is the best advisor you could ever have.”  

 “Prof. Hermann and I agree that spinning your wheels in practice areas that are already saturated is defeating. In working smart, doing your homework here, you can find ways to tweak your passions to become more marketable. We believe that lawyers can make their own luck in this market – not just stumble on it.”

  - Nancy Glazer

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