Career Transition
In these economic times, it is all too familiar that law firms and corporations let people go for a variety of reasons.    

Law firms,  legal departments, disability insurers, and employee assistance programs can retain Legal Launch to help attorneys at all levels find new and satisfying positions. By assessing an attorney’s strengths and interests, Legal Launch provides individualized career analysis and a proactive plan.

With energy, positive encouragement, and a network of prospective employers – in the legal and nonlegal worlds -- Nancy partners with individual attorneys to further their career development.  Nancy's ideas and her actual leads produce real responses and prospects for employment.  

That’s the Legal Launch difference; when you hire Nancy, forget about sending cover letters and resumes into cyber space.  Forget about waiting for employers' responses that may never come.   Instead, with Nancy, your attorneys' energies will be strategically directed, leading to real results.   

My methods of legal career counseling are a bit different than most.  Often, the more gratifying positions that I have found with clients have been of our creation and resulted because of our ingenuity and effort.”                                                                                                                                                     -- Nancy Glazer 

The best way for me to characterize my job search with Nancy is to compare her to the good witch of the north; she helped me see that I had the professional talent already in my very own ruby red slippers ...  

Prior to working with Nancy, the post-2008 job market (and the tornado in The Wizard of Oz) beat every measure of confidence out of me.  With Nancy's guidance, I have now landed, doing work I love!
​                                                                                                                           --  Dana J.