Services for Experienced Attorneys

To quote one of my mentors, “A job search is not rocket science…”  

So you’ve gone to law school, passed the bar exam and practiced law for a bit.  Maybe your current employer promised you more than you were given.  Perhaps your interests have changed over the years, and you’re looking for new opportunities.  Maybe your plan was simply to gain some practical legal experience initially, and then move on.  For whatever reasons, now you’re looking to change your focus, inside or outside of the law.  

Though finding a job may not be “rocket science,” it does take effort on your part to land a new opportunity.  Working with us, we short-cut the time you expend searching for new, gratifying work.  We promise you (and most lawyers won’t do that), yes, promise you, that your time with me will be productive and well-spent.

While the reasons why you originally went to law school may not apply to your situation now, we work to ascertain your interests, strengths and talents.  At the same time, we explore your current visions and how to best steer you there.   (Pages entitled, “Services for Law Students and Recent Law School Grads” and “The Other Side of the Desk” outline principles which apply equally to you, too.)   

Most important, working with us will give you a fresh perspective of yourself and your transferable job skills.  You will readily discover your many transferable skills, more than you think.  We highlight those skills with each endeavor we pursue.

Our overall intent is to energize you and your job search.  You will receive constant, positive encouragement with us.  You will realize inspiring, innovative ways to practice law or pursue other fields.   

We think that you may be surprised at the endless opportunities we discover, many of which were never before considered.    

With our legal career counseling, we are with you every step of the way.
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"Our son has strong opinions about people, so when he called after talking with Nancy, we could hear his voice lift ...

We knew that you must be a logical person who only says what is necessary, backs up ideas with facts, doesn't embellish thoughts -- and is kind. 

It was a pleasure sharing our son with you, and we appreciate that you saw everything we love about him!"
                                                       -- a grateful parent whose son got a new job 
                                                          at a new firm in a  new practice area, 2012

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"Nancy, I want to thank you again for all of your help on my resume.

I don't believe I would have received an interview --and subsequently an offer -- 
if it weren't for your advice and assistance. Many thanks again!" 

                                                                   -- Tim R.